Slot Gaming Rules, Regulations and Laws

Not all regarding the play of slot machines deal with just cheating. What happens when a machine malfunctions and the casino informs you that the jackpot you just hit is not valid? What happens if you claim that you played the maximum number of coins but the machine shows otherwise, and you do not get paid for what you won? There are gaming laws as well as casino rules and regulations pertaining to those kinds of matters, and many more such situations. It would be impossible to list all the possible problems that might occur, but in general there are a couple of things to know.

Many, if not at all, casinos place little signs on each slot machine that caution you to "Be Certain All Coins Are Registered Before Pulling the Handle." There are a half-dozen or more variations of that warning, but all mean the same thing, "Don't claim after you win something that you played more coins than the machine has recorded. People say all the time, "I played three coins, I can't help it if your stupid machine doesn't work." For the most part, a malfunction will void the play, and the wager, your three coins, for example will be returned. That's all. The three bars showing on the payline and the hundred dollars it would have paid are not subject to negotiation when the machine does not indicate that you inserted the maximum number of coins. The best advice is if all your coins didn't register on the machine when you inserted them, don't pull the handle, call someone first.

Because slot machines are subject to malfunctions just like any other kind of electrical or mechanical device, both the player and the operator have a responsibility in the matter. It is expected that the player will not play a machine that has an obvious malfunction and will report that malfunction to a casino employee. The casino, of course, has an obligation to allow only properly working machines to remain in service and to remove from service or fix any slot machine that is not functioning properly.

You can usually tell very quickly if a slot machine isn't working properly. Some of the more obvious things to look for are reels that do not spin at all, spin poorly, or don't come to a stop correctly. If the machine doesn't pay or it pays too much or too little, there is no doubt there is a problem. It is always best to call it to an employee's attention. You, the customer, will be thanked and treated with respect, which will make for more enjoyment than would an argument or dispute later.

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