Learn the Common Slot Machine Etiquette

While etiquette is most common in casino table games this is something many slot players forget to observe when playing the slot machine. Just because the game of slot machine is mostly influenced by luck it does not goes that its players just need to play it without observing the proper slot machine etiquette.

Slot machine etiquette makes slot gaming more enjoyable to everyone playing the slot machine. Players who observe slot machine etiquette can better play their game of slot without being a hassle to other players who will be playing the same slot machine too.

Before playing a slot machine it is a good conduct to check if there is a coin cup on the slot machine handle. If there is any it means there could be another player playing the slot machine who might have left to go to the bathroom or for other reasons. In a coinless slot machine some players who left the slot machine for a while with the intention of going back will often leave something such as jackets to save their seats.

In cases of leaving a slot machine good slot machine etiquette to observe is to ask for a slot attendant to watch your seat for you and come back as soon as you can. It would be inappropriate to hold a slot machine for too long when there are other slot players waiting to play the slot machine.

Many players also like to play multiple slot machines at the same time. In a professional view proper slot machine etiquette would be to play only one slot machine at a time. Many casinos often post a sign that says "one slot machine per player only". Such signage must be respected especially during peak hours where there are likely to be more gamblers around who will play the casino slot machine.

One slot machine etiquettes to observe is applied when a player's card was left on the slot machine. Some players mischievously hide the card they found from the slot machine. One should feel helpful of placing another player's card in conspicuous place such as on top of the slot machine to make it easier for another player looking for their slot card to find it.

When smoking while playing the slot machine, it would be a proper etiquette to observe playing in a smoking area in order to avoid being an irate to other non-smoker players. Likewise it would also be good slot machine etiquette not to leave your cigarette butts in the coin hopper or anywhere on the slot machine.

Tipping is a matter of personal choice by a slot player but many finds it more ethical to give slot attendants something for the services they render after winning a slot machine jackpot. Observing slot machine etiquette will bring more order when playing the slot machine by promoting the proper conduct of behavior to observe by slot players.

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