Inventor of The Slot Machine

The slot machines is one of the most popular games inside the casino and it is also one of the most profitable gaming devices that a casino can have. The slot machine was invented in the United States of America in the year 1887, in San Francisco, by Charles Fey.

Before the invention of the slot machine, a poker machine was first invented. These machines were all a game of chance, and they were all operated by coins.

It was called a "trade simulator" back then, since all the winners were all paid in some kind of merchandise item, rather than money.

This gave Charles Fey an idea, to make a coin-operated machine that was designed to pay players with coins, as well.

Charles Fey's first slot machine only had three reels, and in every reel there were about ten symbols. His first symbols were bells, spades, hearts, horseshoes, and diamonds.

If you got three bells lining up together you would get the jackpot. With this kind of jackpot, the slot machine was later on given the name of "Bell Machine".

In April 15, 1887 a group of people from saloon and restaurant owners were gathered to watch Charles Fey demonstrate his first invention, the "Liberty Bell Slot Machine".

The Liberty Bell Slot Machine would run only if activated with coins, and then the player would pull the arm, or the handle of the machine, to make the reels spin.

The downside of Charles Fey's invention of the slot machine was that it was not supported by patent law, since it was a gaming device. This forced Charles Fey to lend his slot machines in other locations, like gambling saloons, and he collected about 50% from all the winnings as their rental fee.

At first there were only limited jackpots, since there were only three reels, with only ten symbols. The house only had a 25% advantage over the players.

To outsmart the law, Fey's machines were listed with pay tables depicting drinks, mints, or gum. This was just to get by the gaming laws.

By the year 1907 Charles Fey teamed up with a man named Herbert Mills. Mills was the owner of Mills Novelty Company. In the year 1910 the Mills company introduced to the public the "Operators Bell Machine".

The Operator Bell Machine had three reels, but this time with twenty different symbols on every reel.

The former symbol of the bell that symbolized the jackpot was later on replaced by pictures of fruit. The slot machine weighed more than 100 pounds. There were about 30,000 slot machines that the Mills Company had manufactured over the years.

Even though the slot machines were not legal in many regions, it didn't prevent the slot machine from becoming popular all over the United States.

Slot machines were brought to Las Vegas by Bugsy Siegal, to entertain wives and other companions of gamblers. This was in the year 1940; eventually, slot machines became the most profitable gaming device a casino can have.

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