The Fruity Background of Slot Machines

Today , the real Fruit Machines had invaded the online casinos and they are rising in popularity. However, sometimes there are problems in identifying the Fruit Machine from the Slot Machine in some ways. Just for clarifications, a fruit machine is a kind of slot machine, and not all slot machines are fruit slot machines. For a slot machine to be considered as Fruit Slot Machine, it should have the primary features of a nudge and a hold , also contains a bonus in form of a cash ladder and gives a bonus trail.

Some features of a Fruit Slot Machine;

1. Nudge feature - This feature is triggered in random and when it turn on its light, a player can "nudge" his selected reel quite a number of times to make possible winning combinations.

2. Hold feature - Just like the nudge feature, this is also triggered in random. If the hold button is lighted on the player may decide to hold one or more of the reels up to the next spin. In this way it gives the player a higher winning combinations.

3. Cash Ladder - In a Fruit Slot Machine, there are two simple principles that can work.. First is that a move up the cash ladder is being achieved by a player as certain symbols appear on the reels. The higher a player will move up a cash ladder as he plays more. The other pay is for the lights on the cash ladder to make flashy lighting up and down, and the player pushes the stop button in order to stop the light. ( he tries to stop the light as it reaches its brightest value. Players with quick response to stop the light at its highest value frequently wins more.

4. Bonus Trail - Like in a cash ladder, there are two ways in which a Bonus Trail operates in a Fruit Slot Machine. First of this play is to move around as certain symbols on the reels are being selected. The second option is to turn on the lights around the cash ladder and make it flash fast while going around. The player then presses the stop button on his desired space.

Each space on the cash ladder of the Fruit Slot machine has varied features and rewards such as in one space you are awarded 3 nudges, while on the next space may make you win 5 times your bet, and the next space somehow may bring you to the bottom of the cash ladder.

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