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If you are a slot machine fanatic then you should be a member of the casino's slot machine club. If you know all about the slot machines, and all about the games, tips, and tricks, surely you know about the slot club that many casinos are offering. The first thing to consider is to get a slot card. You should never insert a coin at the slot machine unless you have your slot card ready.

The player can get compensation from the slot club that can climb as high as about the 40% range. Think about it: If you do not have a slot card, its likely you are giving away money! Many people do not like handing out their personal information to acquire a card, but oftentimes, you don't have to include your address, and other such information, to get a card. The casino operators give out slot cards to make sure that their loyal customers will remain loyal; this is one way of keeping their players active, because 75% of the casino's profit comes from slot machines (including poker machines).

For 25 years now, players clubs have been offered to gamblers. Casino operators pay more attention now to slot machine players, since they are the ones that bring the casino the biggest money. Slot clubs are a common-sense promotional tool for the casinos, which is why they've become so common.

Most casinos are offering comps to loyal players, and sometimes the comps and the slot cards are combined. The following are the common incentives that casinos are giving their loyal customers:

> Hotel discounts > Local show discount tickets > Free accommodation in hotels > Free food > Free tickets to shows > Free travel fare > Discounts on many items at the hotel, restaurants, and gifts shops.

The Slots Card: After you join in any slots club you get from the casino a slots card. This is a magnetic card that you can insert into the slot machine or video poker machine; you put the slot card in the machine every time you play. With the use of the slot card the casino will have a record of all your winnings and losses, and how much money you have spent at the slot machine.

As you play at the slot machine/video poker machine, all your points are being accumulated on the slot card. The more you play at the machines, the more points you can earn to get valuable discounts, and other comps, from the casino.

Joining a slot club can be really a good deal, you can get discounts and many freebies. So join now!

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