Playing it Smart

More and more people around the world are willing to 'take a chance on chance' these days. In other words, the public seems to be looking more and more favorably at gaming. The growing popularity of lotteries and the fact that many states are taking another look at various other forms of legalized gambling substantiates the claim that public attitudes toward games of chance are changing. The success of casinos in New Jersey, for example, could well be viewed as proof of a growing interest in this leisure time activity.

No other gaming device has caught the attention of the growing number of casino gaming customers as has the new generation of slot machines. Slots are not what they used to be, and some of the giant "progressives" these days offer jackpots that never existed in the past. It isn't unusual to read in a newspaper now about someone hitting a progressive slot machine for a million dollars or more. Once the babysitter for the wives of the "real players," slots have come into their own.

Slot machines of various kinds can be found in many states and foreign countries, and the number is growing all the time. In Nevada, for example, the Economic Research Division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported that the total number of slot machines statewide skyrocketed to hundred thousand plus units. Slot machines alone produce more than half of Nevada's gaming revenues.

Unfortunately, like just about everything else in this world, slot machines are not as simple as they once were. You really need to know what you are doing if you sincerely want to win. What you don't know about playing today's slot machines can cost you plenty.

You should learn about the types of slot machines and how they actually pay off. You should also learn about gaming laws, the IRS and you, and the general rules of gaming conduct. In addition you should also try to explore some of the myths about slot playing. Years ago many of these subjects were not very important to most slot machine players. Today, however, in order to have any realistic hope of doing well at slots, you should know all the information you can get.

In order to be able to play smart, you must match the objective with the right kind of slots and that is no easy task for the uninformed. So before you play a slot machine again, unless you have the money to throw away, learn every thing about the game.

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