Megabucks is a statewide multi-link progressive slot machine system in Nevada (and other states), manufactured and operated by IGT. This system is also available in some other gaming jurisdictions. It is mostly a three-reel machine in $1 denomination, but some machines can still be found in the four-reel format, which was the original configuration. These machines are three-coin-maximum slot machines, meaning you must bet the maximum three coins ($3) per pull in order to be able to win either the primary or the secondary jackpots.

On the Megabucks version of this multi-link progressive slot machine system which is the most popular and widely known of such progressive slot machine systems, the primary jackpot starts at $5 million, and the secondary jackpot at $5,000

The primary jackpot is, of course, the Big Money. It is therefore displayed with the biggest meter and the largest payoff amount. Often this jackpot can reach over $20 million, and more!

On the Megabucks machines, the secondary jackpot is usually won if you are able to get four of the jackpot symbols, whatever they may be, scattered throughout the viewing screen display (the Window), with one symbol on each of the four reels, but not all lined up on the same payline.

The actual jackpot symbols on Megabucks machines vary, depending on the type of machine at which you happen to be sitting.. The most common jackpot symbols on Megabucks machines are Megabucks, Double Diamonds, and red, white, and blue 7s. However, it doesn't matter what the symbols are. All that matters is to know which are the jackpot symbols, and this you can easily find out by looking at the machine's main jackpot symbols payoff display on the payoff display screen mounted on or over the machine you are playing.

On the Megabucks machines, to win the Big Jackpot, you must first bet the maximum coins ($3), and then you must get all the jackpot symbols lined up correctly in line on the specified jackpot payoff win line.

Also, all of these multi-link-systems machines will also have a series of smaller pays for other non-jackpot combinations. Some machines may also have a variation which allows the various jackpot symbols to either substitute for all other symbols, or to double, triple, or even quadruple any of the non-jackpot pays. Again, pay close attention to the kind of machine you are about to play, and it will tell you what the pays are, and which combinations will pay what and under which circumstances.

If you see that, on the Megabucks machines, the primary jackpot is near $5 million, you know it has been hit recently. This means that thousands of players will have to feed millions of dollars into the machines before they will pay again, so wait. If the jackpot on Megabucks machines is over $10 million for the primary jackpot, and over $8,000 for the secondary jackpot, then this is a good time to play. But don't invest your entire gaming budget on these machines. Play a little, but save some of your money to play the better games, perhaps win some money there and come back and play the multi-link progressives again later.

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